Afternoon eye candy: Jeremy Renner (34 photos)

Berries! Thanks for voting for today's AEC. Jeremy won by tons of votes. Great choice!

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  • @TheBrittTripp

    dear berry, you head my mind.

  • @TheBrittTripp


  • @TheBrittTripp


  • Neo

    now, the eagle eye is getting hot

    • missb

      eagle eye?

      You mean hawkeye ?

  • cookiemonster

    aaww yeah

  • water

    im disappoint berry. no thor??

  • totallynavy


  • Antoinette

    I don't think #22 is him. You sure?

  • Devin Whitson

    This pool is perfect for the orphan you know with a big back yard and a butler not adverse to getting wet.

  • Kathy

    This made my day!! I love this man!!

  • SadeShadz

    #2 Damn!! ♥_♥

    He has a sorta squashed baby face😛

  • maya

    um, he has already been an afternoon eye candy, remember… you posted him after the "Hurt Locker" fame… bah

  • maya

    …and, most of these girls said that he's not hot… bah… women…

  • ana

    Can we do a Tom Hiddleston Eye Candy next?

  • lee

    he kind of reminds me of a troll doll….but i guess he's starting to grow on me…surprised he beat Thor and Captain though.

  • HeBEaTwat


  • Lauren

    Definitely graduated from my high school! So cool:) Good choice Berry!

  • rocklesson86

    Ummmm…………….. No. He is good actor, but he is not good looking to me.

  • Mako

    #8 Oh yes, please.

  • Damien Fox

    #22 is not Jeremy Renner. I'm not sure who it is, but it's not him.

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