• jake

    #16 yeah- dewd is ripped, but what is the deal with guys pulling their shorts down to their junk? That only looks good on the ladies and frankly it’s not very manly.

    • Rachel

      That being said, id still hit it.

    • me2

      Agreed and stop shaving your stuff bald. It's nasty. You can leave a little up top-
      I for one (and I doubt I'm alone in this) love the happy trail.

      • jenny michele

        Ha ha.. happy trail.. or the hairway to heaven. LOL

    • justme

      seriously, pull your pants up!!! that look is so unattractive!! puke!!

      • Meow

        W…what pants?

    • Guest

      That v is really hard to get so I think they pull their shorts down to show it off.

    • Optimus_prime

      V is hot and everything, but i don't wana see pubes. Either pull up the pants, or manscape a little

    • Paige

      Girls are on the Daily Motivation all the time with little bikinis or teeny tiny sport clothes, what does it matter if he's got his shorts pulled down a little to show off his ripped bod? He's HMOTB worthy, without a doubt!

  • mel

    #5 that looks so yummy!! I would replace the mushrooms with red peppers though:)

  • Lisa

    Berry, I just wanted to say thanks for making this a daily thing. I'm currently trying to lose weight and yesterday, in the midst of my laziness and soreness, I FORCED myself to get up and go to my bootcamp class because of theBerry! I thought of all the motivation posts and here and said "Suck. It. Up!" to myself and I did. SO glad I went and so glad you do this post!!❤

  • Alyssa

    Only 13 more days left of Insanity (before I start it all over again of course!) I will definitely send in my before and after pics when I'm all finished! …these Daily Motivations keep me going and remind me of why I'm kicking my butt to get back into shape!

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