• Jules

    #11 Do her legs look scrawny to anyone else? I know she's a model but jeez eat a burger or something.

    • kristen

      I had to do a double take of this pic– wayyy scrawny

    • machiavelli

      that's why she's in the picture and we're commenting on it😉

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  • Cpotato

    I love love love #30!! The hair, the color, the purse! What brand is it? I can't quite read the purse…

    • sidekickk

      Prada, I believe..

  • Candy

    Believe me when I say I'm the biggest girly-girl I know. I love pink things and makeup. I love cute animals and skirts. I love jewelry and sappy movies. But the one thing I cant understand is fashion.

    Don't get me wrong. I love these post. But I can never justify spending $200+ on a purse just because it was made by someone famous or a dress that I'm not getting married in. And some of the things I see on the runway or in stores that are 'in fashion' are–to put it bluntly–ugly and uncomfortable…Am I missing something? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

    • SadeShadz

      You are not alone -_-

  • mystery girl

    ❤ this post! beautiful stuff

  • katie

    Is #28 candice swanepoel? o.O

    • katie

      oops i meant #27!

  • MunaliQ

    Number 18 is my favourite I love that…the shoes is a got to have

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