• mal

    #35 They are incredible dancers, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, better known as "Les Twins":)

  • Aviatrix

    #27 Zero fucks given

  • jelenakarleusa

    #21 too bad that i'm far, anyway wish you to find perfect date:)

  • Cierra

    #6 where can i buy this model haha:)

  • Seldi84

    #7 Is awesome. But i didn't think Wonderman was anyones favourite hero.
    #36 Did that last night. Pretty sure the waiter thought i was coming on to him.

  • ambi22

    loveeee les twins #35

  • bryan

    #32 when you stole this from reddit, you cut off the punchline…the post-college note pad is a waiters pad for taking orders

  • Karen

    #17 is your name Graceanne? You look like someone I know..

    • Janessa

      nope its Janessa, but thats a pretty name!

  • christinenataliewhite

    #11 Schroedinger's butter?? So there may or may not be a dead cat in it?!

  • trucka

    #17 good for you! glad you finally made the big step! i just hope you sang it proper and didn't go all christina aguilera on it.

  • CVa

    #21 Take a USMC babe! I'll go:)

  • Sammy


    What IS this called?! I need one!!

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