• prostituteordaughter

    #7 fields looks so out of place.

  • TessaRae

    #2 loved him in never back down. lets do a whole slide of him:)

  • MOAR

    So we're going with preppy this Spring/Summer?

  • mel

    Berry can we get an album of well dressed old hollywood men?? Like #11 and Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Gene Kelly… etc..

    • lmr1087

      yesssssssss.. want this posttttttt:) excellent idea!

  • Lisa

    #4 I love you, Donald Glover!!! Sweet jesus, you're a handsome man.

  • HGrow

    #13 gross

    • ander

      so cheap and tacky looking

  • Scientist

    #27 can anyone tell me what kind of shoes these are?

  • Scientsit

    #21 can anyone tell me what kind of shoes these are?

    • theNakedDwarf

      They are called TOD'S Gommino Driving shoes, they are about $495 a pair.

      • ander

        … and they r hideous

        • theNakedDwarf

          I believe that's an understatement

  • guest

    if my boyfriend ever wore #21 I'd dump him for being a wang. How un-manly can you get??!

    • ander

      thank u. faith in women restored

  • machiavelli

    looks like most of these guys are playing life on douche mode. pass.

  • Hepburn3

    Love him! Fantastic Actor!!❤

  • DRD

    #28 – No. Absolutely not.

  • TommyB

    #6 classic = basic always good for staple.
    #8 good if you work in a business casual and want to punch it up a notch
    #15 #20 great basics; I wear my Polo Oxford shirt dressed up w Khakis, tie & blazer or w. jeans or even sleeves rolled up w linen khaki shorts & boat shoes.
    #19 Gentleman please, I implore! If you're going to wear a bow-tie, learn to tie it! (Clip-ons or clip arounds just look SO cheesy – don't waste your time or $). It's not rocket science! Get a cheap one from Nordstrom rack, no matter the color or fabric- practice practice practice! Beat the hell out of it then when you learn it – toss it and buy some nice ones. Every time I wear a bow tie it KICKS doors open. No, really….'chicks dig em..'
    #23 comfortable – cool and so simple to pull off! Wear the brick red proudly. No you won't look gay. It's like khaki only much less boring.

  • TommyB

    #6 classic=basic always good for staple.

  • rocklesson86

    If only I could find a straight man who wore clothes like this.

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