• Desperate for tights

    #12 SOMEONE!!! please tell me where to buy these! pleeeease

  • http://www.americanbeautyhealthspa.com/colon_therapy.html Tawnya Julian

    On Thursday, Lopez strutted her stuff with help from beau Casper Smart.

  • Sarah

    #32 is fantastic.

  • krys

    Asos.com has some really cute accessories/ jewelry

  • ajay

    #10 are super ugly

  • Optimus_prime

    Want #18 and #24

  • Betsy

    WANT, NEED, Must have!!!

  • BenCruz00

    #18 from the male point of view is pretty EPIC!! I could totally date a girl who would wear that.

  • Candy

    #18 If someone proposed to me with that ring, I would marry them in a heartbeat.

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