Sunday brunch (60 photos)


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  • April C.

    #27 I watched this with my mom and boyfriend, when this happened, my mom leaned over and was like "Oh my…" She cracks me up!

  • Skitlles

    It's Sunday. You only get one post. Scroll slowly…..

  • Cheryle Seitz

    Lots of stuff happening on the Facebook sphere this week.

  • JMO

    #42 I pretty sure I know who that person is and I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate one of her private photos being placed without proper credit …..

  • Soda Pop


  • Victoria

    helloooooo #60.

  • Olivia

    #13 – SUNY Plattsburgh?

  • Rosaline Lu

    #13! We need to see a Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon) eye candy post! I would be in heaven!

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