• Seldi84

    #1 #22 Very cool ideas.

  • Arwen

    So doing all of these #1 #3 #24

  • http://www.paradiseofflowers.com/ Hong Omalley

    Some likes and dislikes.

  • TiaP

    I love the Crafty Side posts. I just went through ALL of them to get some ideas. I'm making stuff for a fundraiser we're doing for our daughter to raise money for an autism therapy dog. Thanks for all the great ideas Berry. ♥

  • MissChris

    #30 I love these! Where can I get them??

  • kelly

    #1 sooooo nice!!!! I¨ll do it!!!

  • no one

    #30 is so odd even though I like star wars I wouldn't want those heels

  • Nana

    For #2 does someone Have a pattern?

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