• haeddre

    #9 #16 so sweet!

  • kevguy

    #24 is so cute!

    • Michelle

      I had one of those dogs bite my face when I was little. Seeing this made me jump back!

  • Kristin

    Love them all! Thanks for the smile, Berry:)

  • Megan

    Sooo cute!! But in my head I was still like, "yeah, some of these guys are extremely violent in nature" lol

    • Megan

      #10 & 16 for example give me the willies!

      • Megan


  • SugarSkull

    oh my god this put a smile on my face! So much cute!!!

  • lct

    Every single one of these is so exceptionally awesome. But what is momma holding in #28? a razor?

  • mcs

    #19 "MOOOOM! STOP!"

  • Nikki

    #13 look at my baby!

    This entire post put such a big smile on my face

  • SadeShadz

    #13 Dis rite here is my 17th child! Yup! Am a proud mama!! ♥

  • Philippine Chivette

    #24❤ omg:) I would die of happiness if I could come home to that:)

  • XOXO

    What kind of kitty is #2? They are so pretty.

  • cmo

    i miss my mom and dad.

  • http://www.psdburn.com/ Cristian Balau

    The otters are the most adorable bastards alive in the animal kingdom, end of question.

  • fercyccone

    The golden lion Tamarin is mega endangered, there are only around 1.200 animals in the forests, and around 500 in zoos around the world, soon we will only have them in zoos…so sad.

  • LAskygurl

    This whole post…. I am crying and smiling at the same time:)

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