• Arwen

    #14 So very true.

  • Michelle

    #12 is the new motto!

  • Lynne

    Why yes I'll have #6 please 😀 Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • MrCCG

    #13 That looks great! Anybody have a recipe?

  • Maren

    #16 I would like to look this good when doing bicycle crunches =/

  • Lisa H.

    #6 Looks like a lot of my meals lately! Started a boot camp last week, eating way healthy, and checking theBerry every day….I'm down 3 pounds already!! THANKS BERRY!!!😀

  • Megan

    #6 looks like a ton of food for one person.. Looks good, though!

  • doerte

    #16 lol perfect make up while working out?

  • Becky

    # 5 Dr, Tabata:)

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