Berries have the best dinners! (64 photos)

Hey Berries!

The dinner responses were absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your yummy meals. We have food posts daily so please don’t hesitate to keep sending in your meal masterpieces to theBERRYpics[at]



Berry love,

Megan, Emily & Alex

  • Brandi

    #4 Are those Nutty Buddies!? (Crispex mixed with melted chocolate and peanut butter and covered in icing sugar?)

    • WisGal_KCCO

      Yes! We call it puppy chow here in Wisconsin. I actually counted up all the calories while we were making this. (This is my picture). And if you do a full batch, it's well over 5000 calories. Disgustingly delicious. lol:)

      • Rachel

        Muddy buddies or puppy chow

  • Melissa M.

    Um, can I have the recipe to some of these, please?

    Also, I'm so happy my dinner AND my guy made it!


  • Monica

    #48 lol I'm going to have to disagree…best place in El Paso is Frisco Burger!!

  • WisGal_KCCO

    Such great chefs on the berry! It all looks so yummy:)

  • SadeShadz

    A lot of Asian food! All look delish!😀

  • Pauls

    #48!! shout out to a fellow el pasoan, i gotta try that burger now

    • Monica

      I'm just excited to see there are fellow Chivers & Chivettes in EP:)

  • Arwen

    #44 Best.

    • Nicole

      thanks =)

  • L_E_Ott

    I am so hungry now!

  • TiaP

    And once again, I miss the post!

    These are my favorites!:)

  • Lynne

    I ate my dinner last night before I remembered to take a pic. Whoops😀 Next time?

  • Alyssa

    yay! my dinner made the cut…it was darn tasty!

  • longcoolwoman

    Howdy, #52!:)

    • Jen

      ive been there! I was at Texas A&M for work.

  • Sarah

    Could we have recipes for these? Send them in and just compile them into a list. That would be amazing!! It all looked fantastic!

  • Lisa H.

    #64 Girl, get outta that friend zone and onto that man, hahaha! What a looker!!

  • BrandiNY

    #21 I was at the grocery and almost picked up some plantain but couldn't think of something different to do with them. Thank you for the idea!!!

  • socalmarti

    #1 and #17 for me please!!!

  • ugh

    My post never make the berry.😥

  • Elvyna

    oo! my heart in cupcakes pic made it on the berry (:

    • sidekickk

      How did you put those in there??

  • Angie

    My enchiladas made it on theberry! Woo! They turned out great. My husband loved them. #11:)

  • _alexa_

    #48 Never tried them, but they look like they give Frisco's a run for their money!

    • Sophicar

      They'll be at Neon Desert!

  • Sabine

    #49, thats me!! And it was yummy!

  • Jody

    Well now I feel like a non cook SHEESH

  • Lizzy

    #1 nice going joshua!!:-)

  • Catzb

    I am so hungry , the food looks delish nom nom..sadly i had to extract a tooth today and as such cant eat solid food for awhile…sigh..yogurt and smoothies

  • waltgator

    #16 this person has their priorities right! Go Kings!

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