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  • mel

    #10 If i saw that group walking towards me on the street I would probably stop, stare and drool❤

    • katie

      amen to that sister

  • Jester

    #17 Who wears short shorts? That guy…

    • RKC

      So not into this look on men

  • Lisa H.

    #9 Forget the clothes, I just want him!!

  • SadeShadz

    #17 Hell NO!

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  • Liam GTFOMW

    #8, #9, #15 good. I'd wear those. But the rest, your bf would have to be a douche.

  • http://twitter.com/rachel_is_epic @rachel_is_epic

    #17 #24 – I don't want my boyfriend to look like a precocious douche, sorry.

    • wmec621

      youre a precious douche.

  • xevg

    I want one for "Stuff my Husband Would Wear"

  • John

    so basically, you want your boyfriend to be a hipster… who occasionally wears a suit

    • Sarah

      Either that or really into sailing…

  • chainsaweater

    you want your boyfriend to look like a faggot…lol

  • Rebecca

    Is this a joke? Everyone would call my boyfriend gay if he wore that

  • Art

    Foul. Absolutely foul! #6 #13 #14 #16 #17

  • Thecatman

    What kind of nikes are those in #1

  • vbau

    #2 and #9 please

  • rocklesson86

    Yes to some.

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