• Sara

    well this is interesting! We just broke up a week ago…its too bad this wasn't posted when we were still together. So I suppose this wasn't really love after all huh?? aw well. on to the next! (:

    • Maile

      It is a cute picture tho. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

      • Sara

        Thanks! (: I know. I love the picture too.

    • haeddre

      Sad…. sorry hun… KCCO

    • SadeShadz


    • Karen

      Great pic, sorry didn't work KCCO!

      • Sara

        KCCO! (:

  • Kati

    @Sara Don't Settle, you will find an amazing guy like #16 who is the love of my life-I went thru a lot of winners to find him 😉

    • Sara

      Thank you Kati! (:

  • SadeShadz

    I love the Berry:)

  • DoNotMicrowave

    #22 where is this?

    • meagsna

      That's in Seaside Park, NJ:)

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  • Aisha

    Me and my wonderful boyfriend are #5!! I was so pumped to see that this made the site!

  • http://omega3information.com/ Caronel

    who is the love of my life-I went thru a lot of winners to find him

  • Sara

    Thanks!! (:

  • Mags

    Of course "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey came on as I'm scrolling these pics. Now I'm more aware of my lonely and I want Christmas. Well played mom. You must be in on this. You have another daughter you know, bug her about the grand kids.

    Berry ..I still love you❤

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