• Kathryn

    #10 someone tell where I can get this please

  • Candy

    #19— They're all so pretty! *Q*

  • caroline

    #5 NEED

  • Emma

    #6 Gorgeous!

  • Florence

    Does anyone know where I can find #6?

  • Nancy

    Please post more pics of beautiful women in this size, not everyone is a stick figure! I love the daily motivation page and keeps me going but this is more of a motivation: gorgeous and a reality

  • amierose86

    #6 where can i get this dress? I love it
    #10 I love that you posted a picture of a normal sized girl! keep doing this:)

  • maire

    thank you so much for posting #10 we need more pictures of thicker normal sized girls !!

  • Aurora01

    Floral prints remind me of all the ugly shit I used to wear in the early '90s. Not a great time for fashion.

  • May

    #16 I want!

  • Jules

    Yes! #10, a girl who looks like she actually eats.

  • Blake

    love #24!

  • Catherine

    Is there a place that says where all of this stuff is from?

  • Lola

    #1 For me that's the best one !!! NEEED!!!

    • Lola

      Anyone know where I can find this?!!!

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