• jane

    #14 True story
    #17 Have mercy

    • Karen

      Aren't the heels just scrumptious!

  • Keira

    I love these posts the best❤ (well okay I love all of them but these are awesome)

  • B.elle

    #31 I am so doing that this weekend… :O

    • Candy

      Me too! >_<

    • katie

      This may sound ridiculous, but I am going to try and talk my pedicurist, (hubby!), into doing that on my toes!

  • SadeShadz

    #26 Ooooohhhhh o_o I want!

  • Mdot

    #26. Wants ALL the colors!!

  • Erika

    #17 Please come live with me!

  • aussie

    #1 Am I really the only one that wears a skin-coloured bra when wearing a white shirt?

    • Jen

      i do too! my boyfriend says my nude colored bras make me look like a strange, nipple-less barbie doll. i say – DEAL WITH IT!

  • Rebecca

    I scrolled thru thinking I wouldn't be impressed but now I want to go shopping

  • kait

    I'm in love

  • Karen

    Happy place….that's where these take me.

  • http://kreativeideer.com/slik-far-du-negler-som-alle-vil-ha/ Slik får du NEGLER som ALLE vil ha! - Kreative Idéer

    […] Legg først en farge på hele neglen (rosa). Legg deretter tre striper med lyseblått i forskjellige lengder (se bilde 2 under). Til slutt legger du mørkere blå oppå det lyseblå igjen (se bilde 3 under). Kilde: The Berry […]

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