• PicklesMcGee

    wow. i had totally forgotten about 95% of these people.

  • kris

    Spencer? Heidi?

    • nayala

      They weren't in laguna beach…heidi kind of was but she wasn't part of the main cast

  • SweaterVest

    BOOOOOOO Berry! I love The Berry but this was just a huge waste of your time and page space. Come on now!

  • sassygurl129

    hahaha i never followed this show and i am so glad cuz it would have been a huge waste of my time. like the 2 min i used to scroll

  • Smurfy

    If it was a waste of time to scroll, then why did the 2 of you click the link for it?

    • sassygurl129

      just supporting the berry for their efforts. and opening the page profits them for ads

  • amber

    Laguana kids are having babies and getting married-now I feel old.

    • Jen

      or they are in rehab…

  • Balorati

    #39 Looks a little douchey…but i don't mind😉

  • finklesteen

    #39 Came out of the closet

  • finklesteen

    #16 YUCK

  • nayala

    #3 #9 #14 MY FAVORITE❤

  • poppassionista

    This was awesome! Thanks!

  • Ineida

    omg i just realize number 4 is Chase from One Tree Hill❤

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