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  • nayala

    makes me want an Adios Mother F*cker

  • SovietPlague

    I haven't visited this site in weeks, looks like there's still mobile ads that can't be 'x' out.
    I guess I'll check back in a few more weeks.
    Too bad I really liked TheBerry.

  • totallynavy

    Would love to see recipes for drinks…

  • http://europeannetwork.co.uk/ Huong

    makes me want an Adios Mother F*cker

  • Arwen

    Sadly blue drinks usually taste like tequila or blue curacao. Though Vex "Electric Lemonade" is awesome.

  • LoBugg

    They all look so good!:)

  • http://www.anchorageflowers.info/ Carolee Paulsen

    Time has an article about how the most interesting characters in young adult novels have the filthiest mouths.

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