• Kaitlin

    #1 making it happen, 5 am crossfit, 9 hours of work, 5pm kids bjj, 6-8 adult bjj… Repeat tomorrow!

    • Jen

      go girl!

    • Megan

      Good for you if thats really your routine!! You definintely have a lot more motivation then i do

  • Lynne

    Berry, I have to thank you for your inspirational posts! Been going through a tough time lately and have felt down and depressed but after reading and re-reading these posts I've brought my workout stuff today and I'm going to force myself to work out tonight. So thank you. 😀

  • SkyeMontreal

    #7 makes me laugh. I always had trouble with my flexibility, but after daily stretching, I can touch my hands to the ground when I stretch out my legs! Consistency is the key! :)

  • Kimmy

    #10 Damn Right!

  • clal312

    Going running now. Thanks for the jump start Berry!

  • Megan

    #7 haha…. a month ago I could barely touch my toes. I started doing yoga and now it's a breeze.😉

  • http://afitlife24.blogspot.com/ Alyssa

    All these work out pics are making me sad…with only 5 days left of Insanity, I pulled a muscle in my back and have been unable to workout (let alone move) for the past fer days:-/ …all I wanna do is exercise!

  • JAC

    Love the daily motivation posts!!

  • Lisa H.

    #3 Why would you show an adorable cartoon chick for the skinless chicken?! Haha so morbid.

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