• Msfab08

    Love these shorts, but I have a booty can I still wear these?

    • Linz

      No i have a booty too' and these shorts make my butt loooook so good! Like j-Lo! Lol work it girl!

  • haeddre

    Perhaps it is because I grew up in the 80's… I do not like those… They make butts look long & flat. They look uncomfortable & if your torso is long they can give you wedgies (both sides)

    Just my opinion .

    • arcelia

      girl you hit the nail on it's head!

      i feel the same way…NOT A GOOD LOOK!

  • Brad

    Please no.

    • MOAR

      – Men everywhere.

  • Celeste

    Remember those controversial pants Jessica Simpson wore a few years ago? Aren't these the same thing? I don't get it.

    • Jen

      they were controversial bc she had gained a ton of weight and was exploding out of them.

  • http://twitter.com/harveymh @harveymh

    I love this, but the answer to Msfab08's question is No, you can't have a booty and still wear these.

    Stick with looser, non-jean high-waisted shorts if you weigh more than 100 lb. That's what I do.

    • Ashley

      under a 100lbs? what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want more girls to develop an eating disorder?

      • Lizzy

        What the actual fuck. Under 100 pounds isn't healthy. Fuck off.

        • M.K.

          All of you are stupid. Weight isn't relevant unless you have a height too. And some girls can't just gain weight no matter how much they want to.

  • MattB

    Not a big fan of this look in denin. It'll give you the "Mom Butt".

  • CherrySoda08

    When I see chicks wearing these high-waisted shorts, All I can think of is how uncomfortable it must be to have a camel toe and wedgie at the same time.

    Also, like others have stated, it gives one that "good old fashioned pancake butt", like Dave Chappelle used to call it. That is not a pretty look.

    • leydi

      i love this shorts ! @harverymh im sorry to tell you that 100 lbs shit is wrong i got a booty i still wear those shorts trust me they look dam good on me so please stop with this weight shit! @cherrsoda08 you want to wear them short wear them ! that good you got a booty that means you not flat ! work that booty in those shorts guys like a girl with booty !

  • Anonnymouse75

    Dear fashion people of the world.

    Please no, not again.

    Thank you,

    The 80's Survivors

  • tangeria


  • Becky

    I feel as though this is a recipe for camel toes and hipsters…

  • Hana

    Why would you want your butt to start half way down your back?? No thank you. Next item please.

  • Theresia

    Who cares! I am sick to death of seeing ass crack!!! When did your ass crack become a fashion accessory? I'd rather see the 'mom butt' or 'pancake butt' than two dozen ass cracks a day! And I didn't see any wedgies in this group of pics! You get the wedgies by refusing to buy the right size! A size too small and they will crawl!

  • ProMuffinTop

    HOnestly, this is a look I really hoped wouldnt come back. Im really sad it did. I mean every chick looks great here but not for me thankssss

  • PushDumpFatButton

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  • Eliza

    Love this look!
    I am
    150 lbs 5 feet 9 inches and wear it all the time. I get so many comments and the guys love it. I do not get wedgies or camel toes- in fact I get those from my regular shorts never my high waisted. Just pick the right size and you will be fine. The look is slimming and flattering and highlights my curves. And I just tuck in my top shirt.
    Love it!!
    The comment about only being 100 lbs is ridiculous. This look is fun and flirty and high fashion that anyone can pull off. It totally makes any outfit look fashionable and stylish just by tucking a blouse in.

    • Lal

      Where did you get your shorts? I weigh the same as you and I've been dieing to see how those shorts would look on me but I just can't find any. -.-

  • Lal

    Where did you get your shorts? I weigh the same as you but I really can't find any and I wanna see how it looks in me.

  • steph

    Must…..fit ….in!

  • andrea

    People are confusing high waisted shorts with shorts pulled all the way up to the waistline . These shorts are designed to be comfortable and only made above your waist line to be given a chic look. Please stop making stupid comments and do your research.

  • Amh
  • Sammy

    Number 13's pancake/mom butt is where exactly?!

  • Cassiee

    Where can i get these kind of shorts ?

    • Malenie

      abercrombie and forever 21 have high rise shorts and high rise pants

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