• Jenni

    #5 Oh Mr. Newman…. He just might have the most beautiful eyes ever. And I've loved Richard Armitage #14 even since seeing him in North and South. Glad to see him included!:)

  • Arwen

    Well hey there #5 #7 #18 #27

  • Alexandra

    Just call this post blue eyed men

  • Fran

    #18 – Gorgeous! Great actor and sexy as sin! :)

  • Laurie

    #25 About time I see some DC!

  • Alexis

    i love a men with gorgeous eyes that is turn on for me #29 # 26 # 6 # 12 #17 # 28

  • Janhvi

    dark hair and light eyes is always a killer combination!

  • BerryMonster

    this is why I love theberry thank you for posting

  • darcnia

    how can Jensen Ackles NOT be on this list!? That man have the sexiest eyes in the world!!

  • Suzie B

    Thank you, theBerry! This made my day!! Mmmm, mmm! Delicious.

  • KCCO_<3

    OMG #24 i LOVE YOU❤ please come and live with me! i can cook!

  • laguera

    Eduardo Verastegui!! His eyes are amazing, you guys missed the mark.

  • Sofi

    HA!!!! I LOVE DANIEL CRAIG #22!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤
    You're still forgetting sexy PAUL WALKER!!

  • Chantal

    #6 He is my ideal guy. Love that he plays a bad guy lol

  • Aurora

    awh no Misha Collins or Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • DrtBkeChivette

    #11 and #19 Nom!

  • djhaye

    hello to the Men of The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Glee:) (but im not pretty sure if #4 is included to these series)
    #6 #15 #19 #21 #27 #28 Alcide(TrueBlood #waitingsucks )

    • djhaye

      sorry.. #28 is * killey, cousin of tyler (wolf) in the vampire diaries:)

      • djhaye

        mason lockwood, real name: Taylor Kinney:) sorry.. #28 is uncle of tyler (wolf) in the vampire diaries

  • rocklesson86

    This post makes want to drop my panties.

  • rocklesson86

    This post makes me want to drop my panties.

  • Ari

    #25 wow green eyes with red beard #6 my ovaries just exploded

  • http://twitter.com/p0isonivvy @p0isonivvy

    can no one tell me who number 24 is he is super yum

  • Amy

    No hiddles?😦

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