• toyrfun

    #13 Def. sell these where I work!

    • Gursh

      Remind me what this is again?

      • Underbaker

        It is called a Wheelo. I had a hard time remembering it to, I had one when I was a kid but the name just never stuck with me.

    • B.Davs

      I have one on my desk right now, except it's a monkey not a wheel

  • Underbaker

    I am ashamed at how long it took me to recognize #17 as Ferris Bueller's Family.

  • Ace

    I still have #15 in hot pink…and use regularly!

  • regan

    I USED TO HAVE #20!!!

  • Betsy

    We had #2 up until pretty recently.
    My grandmother had #23 and I thought she was the coolest granny.

  • Nicole

    #12 Pound Puppies!!!

  • mcwilliams

    #21 LOVED "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"!!

  • Arwen

    So many memories, I want the 90s back. #1 #5 #11 #21

  • nessipoo

    #13 STILL is my favorite toy ever … I got one at the Seattle Museum of Science a few years … but the "wheel" part was in the shape of Jupiter:)

  • Benje


    Wow.. I remember them!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Bullzi511 @Bullzi511

    Had both #2 and #15. Used the bowl up until jr high when it finally cracked.

  • Donnie

    #6 throw away the stick and just toss it back on your tongue..Let's not forget the Jello powder and Tang…yum!

  • sixdeadelves

    had #9 on VHS, watched it a hundred times

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