• http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    Love, love, LOVE this post. Thanks for the pick-me-up.

  • Littlet

    #8 very touching story……..so glad that there is still some good left in this world.

    • Laura

      I teared up a bit

      • l0vebug76

        So did I. Beautiful post.❤

  • SadeShadz

    #8 Simply beautiful!😥

  • shonda

    #8 brought me to tears. it really is such a beautiful story.

  • SkyeMontreal

    #8 made me cry! Good reminder to be grateful for every moment.

  • Barnabas Collins

    #8 I actually cried. Very touching story

  • http://twitter.com/harveymh @harveymh

    #8 amazing.

    • haeddre

      My big fat fingers gave you a thumbs down… I AM SO SORRY!!!!!! If I could thumbs it up again I would but it says I can't…😦

  • haeddre

    #8 … Tears… good tears. A reminder that not only is life short, but the actions we take define our future. The drivers future would not be as bright had they not met this old woman. The old womans allowed this driver to see the beauty in what once was, and the memories held in places. I am sure they will take the time to enjoy what they have, enjoy the moments that most take for granted. I am sure the old woman was able to hold on to being able to see those memorable places to her grave. I hope that her remaining time at the hospice was kind, and allowed for a peaceful transition. I can only imagine the worst had the two not met. It was very kind of the driver to offer no charge, as well as humoring an old womans thoughts. It shows there is still kindness in the world, although it is rare at times, and hard to find it is there. The Berry viewers show it daily. The fact that we go on our days here with no negativity is proof of that. I love to come here every day to see the good we have in us. I come for the "sisterhood" that we share, although we do not know each other. Thank you Berry Ladies for posting this and thank you to the Berry viewers for posting such wonderful comments about it.

    Ok ok… done with the mush! :)

    • Peeds

      Amen!!! We are all put on this earth to help each other. Somewhere this was lost. This story gives me hope that we are turning back and getting back on the path in life where we help each other, get to know our neighbors and are not so driven to be hermits. Love this story!!!

  • CourtneyElise

    #8 … Glad to see that im not th eonly one who cried. That was beautiful.

  • http://twitter.com/InChiaroscuro @InChiaroscuro

    Where is #28??😀 Great post Berry!

  • http://littlelovelylily.blogspot.com/ Lola

    i need to get off the internet and go out more. =/

  • Lis

    #8 – faith in humanity restored! thank you Berry!!

  • loyal chivette

    Sometimes you just need a reminder, thank you berry

  • Peeds

    #8 needs to be passed around in all the social media circles. We need to reach as many people out there with this story. If it got this great of a reception here, just think how many will feel the same way and pay it forward. We need to make this world a better place and get back to knowing each other. This story is such an insperation! Way to go to whomever this awesome soul is. LOVE IT!!!

  • Hepburn3

    Reading this made my day!
    Thank-you to the lady going to the hospice, thank-you to the cabby and thank-you Berry for adding it to today's post!:)


  • Kase


  • MTChivette

    As all my Berry sisters above, #8 broke my heart in a wonderful way. It is not very often you see a story like that.

  • Sylvain R.

    #8 + #33

    ok Who is the wise one chopping oignons, thx =)

  • marksjohnsons

    Nice, Really a beautiful snap, It shows ways to enjoy life more.

  • http://isaiahhankel.com peter morrison

    Nice Snaps, I like that kind of adventure. Blog suggest tips on healthy living and improve our confidence.

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