All heels report to my closet immediately (30 photos)

Hey Berries!

We love receiving pictures of your heels. Keep them coming! All you have to do is send your sassy shoes or any other great photos you’ve been itching to share to theBERRYpics[at]


Happy Heel Hump Day!

From theBERRY crew – Megan, Emily & Alex

  • BounceAround

    Too bad I am 5'9 in height, because I'd so buy #1 and #28!

    • Sarah

      Buy them anyway! I'm 6'0" and I just bought a pair of killer electric blue heels… they're a good 4 inches tall. There's no way around being as tall as we are, so we might as well embrace it! Enjoy the heels!

    • Ella

      I'm 5'8" and about an inch and a half taller than my husband. So I rarely get to wear heels. Thank goodness for Berry Shoe Porn!!

      • Jennifer

        5'9" Here and I wear them ALLLLLL, plattforms, wedges, stilettos my husband too is 5'9" but does not stop me from wearing them, mostly to work, but……LOVE the Berry shoes, but wish they would post my shoes too!!!

      • Chivettest

        My sister is 6' and her husband is like 5'7" and she still wears heels all the time.
        If he cant handle it then you should have married someone taller.

        • Extra

          im 5' 10'' and i decided SCREW IT! im wearing heels. I bought two pairs from Nine West over last weekend…theyre coming in the mail right now

  • BritBerrier

    #4 and #30 – are a welcome repeat, these are so beautiful!

  • ces

    so you repeat #4 and #30 but you don't feature the badass pair I sent in last week? makes me sad, Berry.

    • Sarah

      Where are these from??! They're gorgeous??

  • stef

    being short is awesome when heels like #1 #10 #14 and #28 exist!

    • nightlock

      i second that statement:) being 5'1 is a blessing when there are so many cute heels to wear!

  • water

    #25 looks dangerous to walk in, but pretty

  • PicklesMcGee

    omg #3 & #4. ❤

  • doerteee

    #4 are perfect and i need them

  • Rob

    Listen up laides, to men (at least myself) girls in high heels are so damn sexy, specially if you are showing nice toes with good pedicure.

  • tangeria

    i❤ wedges!

  • Zuul

    want all the shoes

  • jenni

    Where can i get #4

  • katastrophe89

    #4 #22

  • Heel guy

    I'd like to have a shoe job by any of them

  • eva

    Is madly in love with all this shoes in the pictures! Sweet mama! I am hooked to this website

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