• Justina

    OMG!!! Can't wait!!! Great news!!! The book was wonderful. I believe that the movie should be great as well. Waiting 4 Christmas already!:)

  • Pauls

    SQUEEEEE! :3

  • ugogirl

    Tobey Maquire what a DOOOOOSH

  • Will

    whenever the whenever the naotins are in turmoil such as 1943-45 the jews attempt some massive hoax. William Dudley Pelley published The 45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Jews in 1939 which footnoted the 8 million european jews who were moved to America from 1932 thru 1939. Another 1.2 million jews were moved to Palestine from 1934 thru 1939. When the USSR archives were finally unsealed in 1991 it was revealed that the Soviets were only aware of 76,000 jewish deaths which resulted during WW2.

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