Afternoon eye candy: Dwyane Wade (29 photos)

You voted, D. Wade won!

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  • Kisxxoo

    Really? this Dbag won the Afternoon eye candy….BOOO!

    • Miami Heat

      eat a dick. GO HEAT!!

      btw ur pic makes you look incredibly insane

      • krissy

        Ha more like miami chocked on a dick last year and will again this year:)

      • Sarah

        Not that what she said was any nicer, but wow, that was super mean.

        • Sarah

          That's replying to Miami Heat, not to Krissy… although really this whole thread is rude.

          • krissy

            Sorry….I'm not a heat fan by any means. Nor a lebron or wade fan. I think they are self absorbed and don't really deliver. All talk no action.

            • Miami Heat

              Why don't you rematch last nights game and Game 5. They aren't self absorbed, you know how hard it is to share the spotlight in the NBA? they all just want to win and if they play like they have been. No one will stop them

              Go Heat

              • krissy

                Lebron chokes everytime….its why he hasn't won a championship. Winning games mean nothing (well u know what I mean) unless u get that ring!

                • Miami Heat

                  in order to win a championship, you have to actually "win games" your argument is invalid

                  someone doesn't know sports

  • Kat

    Miami heat❤

  • lalexgeorge

    Makes me soooooooooooooooo Happy! GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabby21

    The dirty things that come to my mind are illegal in some states:)

  • carly

    #1 yes please
    #19 the model just looks out of place

  • SadeShadz

    #25 What!

  • Kateeeeee

    Delicious! #8 #12

  • Brianna

    I met him last year at my job! Him and his kids went down my slide at the water park I work at, it was epically awesome.

  • Musafir

    I have to say that if you have this coloration in your pearl nalcceke, you may need to get a really long Q-Tip stuck down your pee hole.

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