The HEALTHY breakdown (44 photos)

Click HERE for a DINNER breakdown!

  • C U N T S

    Surprised you fat cows post healthy food

    • JeepGirl

      Wow. Hate much?
      Why would you go on the website just to troll? Go get a hug or something.

      • ...

        who would actually wanna give someone like that a hug…?

    • projectskinnyjeans2012

      Wow. Just wow.

  • Alyssa

    Most of these look absolutely delish! I do however have a strange problem with mixing fruits and veggies, I just can't do it!

    • projectskinnyjeans2012

      I did at 1st too, but after trying cranberries and apples with my salad. I'm hooked! Mmmm

      • Alyssa

        it's funny because besides that 'fruit/veggie' issue I am probably the least picky eater ever…I'm pretty much a garbage disposal haha… but I'm definitely open to trying something like that again to see if my tastes have changed!

  • totallynavy

    thanks for the recipes, Berry…I'm definitely trying that first one!

  • haeddre

    Yay for getting recipes with the pictures! Going to try #1 !

  • water

    the first one reminds me of sushi:) i wonder if using seaweed is healthier than tortillas. delicious either way #1

  • Lisa

    More Pioneer Woman recipes, I love it!! Her site and show are both amazing. However, I don't think the first recipe is THAT healthy. It has a ton of cream cheese in it and uses white flour tortillas. Switch out the cream cheese for plain greek yogurt and use whole-grain tortillas though and now we're talking!

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