• http://twitter.com/cmc7890 @cmc7890

    #4 me and my love!

    • haeddre

      Sweet!!! <3<3<3

  • haeddre

    #13 #14 great movie!!! #40 TOOOOO CUTE!!!

    • Dnuk

      Whats the movie called?:)

      • haeddre

        “now & then” had Rosie O’Donnell & Rita Wilson… Christina Ricci… Have the movie but its on VHS booi can’t watch it

      • samanthalin88

        Now and then. Amazing movie

  • manders

    #16 Thanks berry!:)

  • Kenny

    #36 – Well that girl hates her dad…

    • samanthalin88

      Way to judge a book by its cover. Shame on you.

  • Charlotte

    Lovely picture, he will forever remember to buy toilet paper. How romantic!

  • Tess

    #24 Me and my baby!❤:)

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