• Lisa

    #35 VERY MUCH DO WANT!!! #29 I would be such a mess, hahaha. Social norms are the only reason I have friends, I'm sure.

  • circleofcreation

    #2 is so pretty. I love watching the lightning during a thunder storm.

  • laguera

    I like it as well, it makes you feel something.

  • Anonnymouse75

    #24 needs to have a mega post…..omg he's so beautiful…..

    #25 I have tatty's, this one is not my thing but it's very well done. To each their own.

  • Jen


    Amazing work but kinda gross

  • haeddre

    As sweet as #23 seems,… you ruined an AMAZING book!! "Pride and Prejudice" is my favorite story ever!!! But the sentiment is sweet…

    #11 #12 #13 super cute!!

  • haeddre

    oh & #18 looks delicious!!! Share the recipes!!

  • l0vebug76


  • Rhonda

    # 25 Gross! But whoever tattooed it is AMAZING!

  • Kristi

    #30 I appreciate every single day & never ask for more than what I am given. I thank God for all I have been blessed with. Also, my ability to laugh things off. Like when you lock your keys in your car… some people get SO upset & let it ruin their entire day. Im like "Meh, just a little obstacle. Much worse is happening in the world than my hour dilemma that can be easily (maybe a little annoyingly) but still, easily solved:)

  • Katherine

    In response to 30: I love my intelligence, sarcasm, and compassion. Those get me through most situations.
    About #23: AAAAH! There is some copy of Pride and Prejudice with hearts cut out of it! I adore that book! Why would you do that? Cute idea, but there's just something sad about cutting up a book.

  • doerteee

    #20 AWWW look at that little nose! so adorable!

  • svp

    #25 awesome work and really original, but not something that should be permanent….

  • Anonymous

    #32- im so glad im not the only one whos arms automatically go into that position, every single time.

  • Kem

    #25 awesomeness!!!!!

  • Kay

    Where can i get #35

  • Zuul

    #20 why do I love this?

  • Kristmas

    #24 WANT!!!!!

  • LAskygurl

    #11 made me die from cuteness overdose!:)

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Doesn't the word irreversible mean anything to you??

    • GI Joe

      You mean #25?

  • K-Mac

    #18 – Recipe breakdown pretty please!!!!

  • Eliza

    #25 is amazing. I think it looks sexy as hell on him.

  • claire1666

    I love 27 and 28 sooo much!

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