All you need is a beach (30 photos)


Click HERE for fruity drinks!

  • @K_Lian_D

    Omg yummmmmm.

    Tequila sunrise is my fav

    • Jimboisme.

      help me win concert tickets for my gf for her birthday.. one click and itl be one vote for her.

      thank you.

      • Hana

        Berries this is actually a legit link to a radio station site. His girl friends name is Katie. I voted for you mate.
        Berries help him out. It just takes one click, no viruses or malware, which is what I thought at first until I read comments over at the chive.

        • Jimboisme.

          Thank you, miss.

        • Optimus_prime

          Q102 is a radio station in philly

  • Tim

    Especially if she hasn't showers in a few days!'

  • Megan

    This would be awesome with a side of DAILY MOTIVATION, Berry!!!

  • Man

    Anyone else craving chocolate after reading these comments?

  • Yes

    I will tell you what's delicious. Eating a girls dirty butt hole. That's fantastic

  • Jack P

    <img src=>Oh boy this really makes me thirsty suddenly!<img src=>

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