Memorial Day Special: HMOTB: Military Edition! (50 photos)

Hiya troops! We can't thank you enough for serving. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend. We love you!
All the best,
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • Daniela

    On the left. I want MOARRRRRRRRR!!

  • zpadilla

    #50 so cute :}

  • Sarah

    #1 and #9 love me a Yankees man:)

  • Lindsey

    #11 I've been a REALLY bad girl…

  • BrandonMauk

    #18 6years and you're still a tan belt? Wow what a pos

  • Joananes

    Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend. We love you!

  • slamminsam23

    Aaaaaand i want one. #28. you win.

  • Ashley

    Love a man in uniform! ❤

  • baabygirl

    #20 You can come Home to me anytime (:

  • Jhay

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