BERRY hot men: Golfers (26 photos)


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  • @laurentaryn

    #14 mmm Adam Scott…

  • Yellow Star

    no camilo villegas??? im disappointed :( but ricky fowler makes up for it ;)

  • purpleypurple

    good post (: but what about martin kaymer ?

  • Soda Pop

    LMAO….I think I saw two actual golfers that I recognized from this post…..

  • Anon

    Adam Scott needs his own gallery on theberry!!

    • ange


  • SadeShadz

    #2 #10 Yes!

  • Megan

    #10 Dean from supernatural? :D

  • anonymous

    i want to go play golf in trashy clothes. just to be an asshole because everyone takes golf so seriously and wears preppy clothes. cut off shorts and a bikini top with a trucker hat.

  • Svetlana

    It's a shame golf involves so much clothes.

  • BrandiNY

    Who is #7?

    • MOAR

      Aaron Baddeley

  • Jack P.

    A hot golfer would be the legends like Ben Hogan, etc.<img src=> <img src=>

  • Lili

    no JT?!!??!

  • Max

    #20 € #26. Very HOT MEN OF BERRY WORTHY. #12, Tiger..r u sure, definitely not b

  • DrtBkeChivette

    WTF… #12 is not hot men of the berry worthy =/

  • ange

    yea, i expected more professional golfers, as opposed to celebrities who hit a golf ball with a club once in a while…

  • Abbey

    #10 :D

  • Micah

    What?! A post about hot golfers and Luke Donald doesn't make it?!

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