• Sarah

    #7 – After extensively staring at her crotch area, I have determined that the dark stain-looking thing between her legs is actually the black couch/bed spread/whatever behind her. Still, not a great composition. I thought she was on her period for a while there. =/

  • Jayla

    # 31 – her wardrobe is amazing! does she have a blog?

  • Ashley

    I NEED the purse in #19! please help!

  • Ashley

    I NEED the purse in #18! Please help!

  • Bec

    where can i get the blue stripe and pink dress? I would love to have it by this sunday for my birthday!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic stuff, these are the article types that pave the way for budding bloggers. A great starter kit for times of writers block too.Nice resource Kim!

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