The DESSERT BAR breakdown (40 photos)

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  • Underbaker

    #1 Mississippi Mud Cake and Sex In A Pan were my two favorite desserts as a child. Go here for the Sex In A Pan Picture

  • Yuafee

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars with a Salty Pretzel Crust

  • JAC

    I need to go visit the daily motivation page before I Eat all the things!!!

  • katie

    These all sound sooo yummy!:)

    • Robertson

      it happened once and he feels depley bad and sorry for what he did (it didn’t mean anything).I told myself if anyone ever cheated on me it was a done deal, I am out. Well, I moved out and moved in with a family member. We started doing counseling and everything seemed to be going good between us except I am still very angry about the whole situation (I still love him but still so mad).Well the past few weeks I have been hanging out with an old guy friend. We use to be like best friends and have become pretty close lately. Last night, one thing led to another and we started kissing I feel so bad because yes I am trying with my husband but we are separated. But at the same time this friend is amazing If anyone has any advice on this subject or been in this type of situation, please advice.

  • Ivanskie

    Reading everyone’s comemnts has certainly been comforting that i am not the only person dealing with the ST issue. I am married to a man who loves to use this tactic in any situation where he feels threatened by me. When we met and before we married he had never done this. Unfortunately he comes from a very dysfunctional family and as he gets older so much of the baggage from his past has begun to appear or get worse. His version of the silent treatment is to become completely cold and emotionless (not that he usually has any emotions to show) he will say good morning or hello or tell me if he is leaving the house. So in his eyes its not the silent treatment. I use to do everything I could to get him to talk NO MORE. Its a waste of my energy and plays into his manipulative games. I would like to leave him but financially its not a good time so I wait. My suggestion to all of you who are dealing with this in a boyfriend or girlfriend is to listen to your heart and see the warning signs. You are dealing with an adult not a child and often these behaviors only get worse with time. Get out before its too late and find another emotionally available partner. Good luck.

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