• alcideissexy

    #17 "Must show maximum cleavage at all times!"#13 are you flexing your lips bro?

    • Soda Pop

      The sad thing is, from the side, the girl looks like she is pretty smoking hott….

    • Just Saying

      #17 seems like she'd be super annoying. I'm surprised her head hasn't cranked all the way off with that overworked webcam pose.

    • guest

      Looks like he may enjoy smoking poles more than that kiss.

  • mimi

    oh berry… stop hating on people because they believe in other standards of beauty – that's just mean. to each his own! (and yes… i believe it's hating to make a post called "douchebag")

    • KCCO

      Pretty sure nothing under this post qualifies as beauty. I agree with to each their own but when you choose the path of douchbagery that is a concious, or perhaps unconcious decision in most of these cases. Consequently they are asking for ridicule because they are adding to the detriment of society, it really doesn't take much to realize that.

      Great Post

      • laura

        wow. i find it very amusing how self-righteous some people are. but… whatever. sometimes u need to get off ur high horse u know… and u obviously do NOT agree with the each their own part because that absolutely contradicts ur other arguments. saying that they add to the detriment of society is very harsh and does not make u look very smart. i agree that mostly people who look like this aren't the brightest or whatever but judging their influence on society by their looks is pretty superficial i guess… except u believe that society's most important trade is outer appearence. sorry i don't wanna be a downer and i like the berry but i find it horrible how people judge each other so shamelessly – i don't see this being a good quality in a person.

        • socalmarti

          *trait* and I suspect your use of trade may be Freudian here.

        • April C.

          Maybe we judge these people by their looks because they are being so superficial. Most of the people who look like this are just that way. Sorry, but there are stereotypes for a reason. No one just made that shit up.

        • Londoner

          You're arguing that you cannot judge how people are a detriment to society based on their looks… and that it's superficial to judge people on their appearance. But then you go on to judge these people yourself by saying that "mostly people who look like this aren't the brightest".

  • canuk

    you should really be careful, the people of Essex will revolt. Google The Only Way is Essex and see the lives of North London hahaha

    • Londoner

      True but Essex is not in north London…

  • Allie

    Being a jersey girl (a real one. Not one of those jersey shore wanna be a-holes) I appreciate this post lol real new jersey folks despise people like this and wish the would all go away

  • AstroMikeDexter

    #4 is spot on. Also, watching a friend turn into a douchebag is the worst.. cringing as they gradually tick off everything on that list.

    • MDchive

      Are calf implants really a thing?

      • April C.

        I hope not. But they make the shoulder and pec and bicep implants, so why no calf right?

  • Soda Pop

    What's wrong with #6?

    • Soda Pop

      It just looks silly to me, nothing douchey really…

    • DrFunkenstein

      #6 is bad ass. Also classy as f#ck.

  • Shannon

    #1 And the duck face award goes to….

  • Danielle78

    is this theberry.com, or thedirty.com?

    • Kendall

      I was just thinking that

  • Maile

    I feel like these are the reject people from thechive….

  • http://twitter.com/harveymh @harveymh

    This is hilarious. But no lie, I had to tick off some of the douchebag merit badges (namely, blue tooth and windows down, music up). #4

  • Babekake

    I love how its straight from TheDIrty .. hahahahahahahah

    • http://deliciouspumpkin.blogspot.com/ cherylbirch

      That's exactly what I was thinking! Come on Berry, find your own pics!

      • Just Sayin'

        Jesus Christ how much time do you have to waste on the Internet that you instantly recognize that

        • http://deliciouspumpkin.blogspot.com/ cherylbirch

          My time is limited, which is why I hate wasting my time looking at the same pictures here that I have already seen this week on a different site.

          • April C.

            Then don't look at them. I'm just sayin.

    • shewentwhoa

      I was just about to say that!! Love that site.

  • Courtney

    the girls in #11 look non-douchy to me

    • emma

      yeah, feels like theberry's scraping the barrel today.

      • Megan

        Same with TheChive. I've seen TONS of unoriginal pictures on there lately and a lot of re-posted pictures.

    • StarznSkullz

      Yea, um wondering why these girls are being judged so harshly… doesn't really sit well with me

    • Reg

      Agree. The one in the middle is maybe a bit orange, but they actually look like they're nice people, unlike most of the other people on here…

  • http://twitter.com/laurentaryn @laurentaryn

    #18 I love the look of death the Asian dude in the background is giving them!

  • peach10964

    And the d-bag award goes to my ex who broke up with me on Monday because I'm "too nice." Douche

    • haeddre

      How can you be too nice? Did he want a bitch? His loss <3…

      • peach10964

        I don't know…I would be happy to be with someone half as nice as me….he's a jerk

    • avreno

      His loss. There is nothing better than a nice girl =)

    • Hepburn3

      Hey he did you a favour in the long run!
      Forget him!:)
      now you can find the right guy!

  • Ben_in_Utah

    so so.. Fake!

  • Paty

    In other words, "Welcome to Jersey!"

    • usmc_chiver

      "Jersey girls aren't trash…. trash gets picked up" ~ From a shirt I once saw😛

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #9 there is no problem here whatsoever…lol

    • Gallus

      I have seen these two on another site. They are Vegas escourts. They frequently dress up in showgirl costimes to advertise their "services." They are major D-bags.

      • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

        ah! well at least they look good in those outfits..if they are stuck up then thats another issue cheers mate

  • Ms_Janelli

    #10… Jersey Kate Middleton??

  • emily


    • emily

      Dang those dudes are fugly.

  • guest

    #7 Don't worry, we do:)

  • Kenton

    I'm a guy, I just clicked theBerry to see what it was. This is the seconds Album I've looked at. The funny thing is, is that the first album was something where guys would send in photo's of themselves for you guys to see if they are attractive or not. About 90% of those photo's would fit in here, am I wrong?

    • Charlie

      Agreed. Most of them would fit better into this album than a fair amount of the photos in here

  • Charlie

    #11 are just hot girls, you're a bit douchey for calling them douchebags tbh

    • mbamer

      which of those people is hot? is that 3 generations or 1? granted, there are millions of better examples, but that doesn't make their orange tans less douchey.

      • Poke4Life

        I would say the only one that isn't their natural color is the one in the middle. Right and Left look either Latina or Italian. But your right, all people should be pasty and never fix their hair…???

  • Jenny Michele

    #13 When silicone and synthol collide…

  • MeIrakly

    #17 what's wrong with her? she is cute

  • Ethan Shuster

    #7 What is with these groups of d-bag men who seem to all be in love with each other? Look how much these guys love their muscular, shirtless friend…

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