• Betsy

    Yumm yumm!!!!
    Sushi night it is.

  • echo

    #20 and #24 what are those orange looking balls? ive eaten sushi with that stuff but i didnt like it.

    • Puddin McPuddintons

      Fish roe.

  • missb

    I thought I was being tortured with random sushi posts…but an entire post dedicated to it…ughhhh. Being pregnant means that I can't eat my favorite sushi…only dream😦 After December I am stuffing my face!

    • Emnija

      Sushi is my favorite and I was in hell during my two pregnancies. Within a week of my kids being born, I forced my hubby to bring me ridiculous amounts of the glorious stuff!

  • lexi

    Now I'm seriously hungry……

  • Nat

    My mouth is watering! These all look so delicious

  • Kristin

    Too bad its taco Thursday for my man &I.

  • Sophie

    It is my 22nd Birthday today, I think I know what I'm asking for my birthday meal:) Sushi is a constant craving of mine❤

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