• SadeShadz


  • Courtney

    #18 Good God he is gorgeous

    • doerteee

      Yes, yes he is.

  • mel

    #1 LOVE blazers with elbow patches #4 is probably the best simple outfit for a guy.. nice pants and a crew neck sweater

  • TommyB

    #30 NO! NO!NO! These kinds of shirts should NEVER be made in adult sizes EVER!

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  • Lisa

    #13 Someday he will realize we're meant to be together. In my head, at least.

  • Nat

    #11 #15 #26 mmm gotta love a great v-neck😉

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  • My_3_Things

    Thanks as always theBerry, I'm off to the store

  • Mch

    #10, #15 and #26 Yum Yum!:)

  • OhSomeEvil


    pure awesome. love the show, love that old style.

  • russ

    i love these post makes me know that girls actually like my fashion since

  • Hepburn3


    I just love Matt Czuchry and Kid Cudi they are soo fine!❤ :)

  • Hepburn3

    What I love about this is are his glasses and relaxed demeanor.:)

  • tapsnapornap

    #9 and #26 are cool, #22 is me everyday. The rest of these guys look like they are on their way to, from, or are standing in line at Starbucks. Really, you want me to look like that on the daily?

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  • Jamie

    yeah the suits look nice but the only reason we wish our boyfriends would wear them is because it looks like they have money… im biased towards the nice fitted t with jeans… or nothing at all!

  • DRD

    #3 – socks were invented for a reason
    #11 – the shirt and jacket are too small – they don't look good pulled like that

    I do like narrow ties and am glad they've come back. Blazers with elbow patches are a great look. #4 is a great, classic look.

  • rocklesson86

    Yes ma'am.

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