Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (70 photos)


Hi all!
So many HMOTB posts this week! Wahoo! Military Edition for Memorial Day, HMOTB of the Week: TJ Fink and today's HMOTB. We can't make these posts without you. Get creative to make the cut!
We love you all,
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan and Alex

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  • nimo

    number 70.. he is fooooiiiinnneee

  • Michaelia

    #12 and #57 are yummmmmy :)

  • Dk

    Ladies I think you are out of the running unless you name is Michelle.

    • TMorey

      its his daughter's name. actually it's Riley Michelle.

  • Coleen

    #64 Good luck!

  • BounceAround

    #19 are you just as hairy underneath? Love a man with chest hair. Proper turn on.
    #64 good luck this week!

  • Yvette

    #34… the HOTTEST on here.. ummm ummm good!!

  • girltasticTO

    MOAR #37 and #34. Some of the others are too young…

  • Heatherhall1977

    #31 can rock my world anytime!!!! I love black men!

  • leigh

    <3'n the selection!

    #23 this looks like a very nice place to lie down…Grrr ;)

    • Yuliya

      We’re living in inttreseing times where the way computing is consumed is changing dramatically, whether at the personal level with smartphones and iPads or at the server level in the cloud! Hear hear! I do economics research and geographic data analysis in the cloud, and the speedups from parallelizatiom and the vast amounts of RAM available for peanuts have totally changed how we work. The only real constraints we face now are our creativity and ability to code. Well that and waking hours.

  • Drew

    #31, #63, 65 and #10 are all very nice

  • Taran

    #19. blind and oblivious girls need friends too… Hot hot hot…

  • leigh

    How could I have missed #1 xoxo

  • Chelsea

    #3 You look very fun and charming! :)
    #64 I'll be stepping into those same shoes soon! Best of luck on your exams!

  • Kailyn

    I want #19

  • Ben

    Life must be difficult for #45… being too sexy to wear a full shirt and therefore always being so cold he has to wear a ski cap.

    Rough life.

  • Bridgette Hill

    I would have to say number 64 my favourite because one he going to school to become something and two he drinks coffee. :) My second Favourite is 59 because he has that cute smirk boys have when they know they're cute. Just saying

  • Ehhh4Canada

    #33 #64 You both are gorgeous!!

  • lsansano

    couldn't be more disappointed at this sorry selection, not one out of 70 i think the selection committee has either run out of stock or just plum forgot what a hot man is…..may i suggest Charlie Hunnam!?? as a reminder~

  • katie

    #34 is HOTTT you should FIND HIM!! :)

  • Kelly

    I will party with #45 <3

    as for #19, much love. Don't take their talk! kcco

  • Sarah

    #19 MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • Ariana

    #19 your friend couldn't be more wrong <3

  • Melody

    Number 53.. Anytime you want to take me there, I'll let ya be on top like that ; )

  • Guest

    #1 #3 #12 #45 …there are so many, I can't remember. Hot, hot, hot!!

  • Nikki853

    #59 Hands down 😊

  • Natasha

    #35 mmm love himmmm

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