Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (70 photos)

Hi all!
So many HMOTB posts this week! Wahoo! Military Edition for Memorial Day, HMOTB of the Week: TJ Fink and today's HMOTB. We can't make these posts without you. Get creative to make the cut!
We love you all,
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan and Alex

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  • Bridgette Hill

    I would have to say number 64 my favourite because one he going to school to become something and two he drinks coffee.:) My second Favourite is 59 because he has that cute smirk boys have when they know they're cute. Just saying

  • Ehhh4Canada

    #33 #64 You both are gorgeous!!

  • lsansano

    couldn't be more disappointed at this sorry selection, not one out of 70 i think the selection committee has either run out of stock or just plum forgot what a hot man is…..may i suggest Charlie Hunnam!?? as a reminder~

  • katie

    #34 is HOTTT you should FIND HIM!!:)

  • Kelly

    I will party with #45❤

    as for #19, much love. Don't take their talk! kcco

  • Sarah

    #19 MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • Ariana

    #19 your friend couldn't be more wrong❤

  • Melody

    Number 53.. Anytime you want to take me there, I'll let ya be on top like that ; )

  • Guest

    #1 #3 #12 #45 …there are so many, I can't remember. Hot, hot, hot!!

  • Nikki853

    #59 Hands down 😊

  • Natasha

    #35 mmm love himmmm

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