• alcideissexy

    #11 this blows my mind. Is your husband a missonary in Africa? has be been deployed indefinitely? Is he gay? Are you both gay? so many questions, never any answers!

    • lauraloo

      Look up vaginismus and you'll know why

    • Jules

      Before asking those questions you might want to google vaginismus. It is a medical condition which makes sex painful and almost impossible for a woman. Your questions are insensitive.

      • Tara

        How is it insensitive if she really didn't know? I was thinking the same things.

        • Kira

          The secret is written over the word that is the condition, a simple google helps and doesn't seem insensitive.

    • R.C

      Hun, if you had taken two seconds to google the BIG word at the bottom of the post then you would know that she has a medical condition that causes her vaginal muscles to spasm and clamp closed, making penetration very painful or completely impossible.

      • caroline

        that would suck!!!!

      • Natalie Ann

        There's no need to be condescending. How do people learn without asking questions?

      • Alcideissexy

        I have been illuminated and its most unfortunate.. Wasn't trying to be a jerk (Didn't really notice the word), just my thought process. I hope Things improve for this woman and her husband.

  • Jules

    #5 I know what it is and you should seriously seek help!

  • ASDH

    #5 you are sick!

    • For reals?


  • SadeShadz

    #11 That is so sad😦 I wonder if their marriage will last or if the guy's cheating… I hope not.:/
    #5o_O Please change your profession! There must be some real person you can be attracted to!

  • bryan

    I hope you guys realize these are pulled from other sites, so posting a comment directly to the person who made the "secret" is quite futile.
    #2 should be jealous of people with legible hand-writing

    • For reals?


  • Jadeus

    #11 is no joke… i've had it 5 years and still nada… the pain is unbearable and i'm not even bothered if i ever do get better that i feel nothing during sex… i just want kids the normal way

    • SadeShadz

      5 years of painful sex? man, this is awful😦 C-sections aren't that bad…

      • Jadeus

        penetration isn't attempted all that often… and yeah I know there's c sections but I just have a massive urge to have kids the way I was designed to…

        • lauraloo

          I have seen a few shows on it where girls suffer and get treatment. I believe they startee out with small toys and did exercises. Have you tried anything?

          • Jadeus

            firstly i was put on a variety of pills, creams and ointments but they either didn't work or made me worse/ had terrible side effects… they also messed up the contraception i was on… after opting for the implant it only got worse and made my arm go numb and stiff for some reason… so now i'm not messing with that side of it… i have tried toys/ the stretcher dildo things but the problem is it really reduces your sex drive so there's no 'oomph/ get up and go attitude' to try…. plus with it being psychological as well i was never told that sex could be fun and interesting so i go through a cycle of trying to overcome my upbringing/ attitudes to how i feel now knowing it's not what i thought to being upset that i don't feel the slightest bit bothered knowing that doesn't help and i have to try every which way i can… (yay!) plus doctors, even gynaecologists have no idea how to help… i'm going to opt for a hymenectomy and a vestibulectomy as my next step…

            • Tara

              I'm so sorry! I hope you find a solution soon just to give you peace on the matter.

              • Jadeus

                thanks:) xx

            • Kira

              I've gone through the most of the same things. I've been with the most understanding boyfriend for five years, but it takes so much effort to try everytime, and yeah there are other sexual things that can be done and that are enjoyable. But so many times I just want to be normal and do something that is so basic and human easily.

              • Jadeus

                it seems almost ironic that we are told to be different and stand out from the crowd but when it comes to issues like this we want nothing more than to be like everyone else… also, i feel there just isn't enough info about this (as the top comment shows)… I think if I was taught this as a possible outcome for 'the first time' in sex ed i'd of been more prepared and perhaps could have avoided the stress, depression and anxiety in a bid to be 'normal'… I have a fiance of 2 and a half years but due to past experience and the obvious lack of sexual desire I'm scared everyday that he'll choose to up and leave or cheat even though I know he's not that sort of person whatsoever and i want no one else and fully trust him… silly huh?😛

        • SadeShadz

          Ok, I respect that.

    • ChelseaRules

      I've heard you can get botox down there to keep the muscles from freaking out. It makes sex less fun, but it could help with trying to have babies! Hopefully…

      • Jadeus

        I've heard that too but with an apparent 40% ish or less success rate and not that many people having tried it for feedback and what not and I believe recovery takes some time making sitting down/ peeing/ walking among other things painful (not that it isn't already for me!) the docs are adamant they won't let me have it😦 but then again this was what I'd found out a few years ago, things may be different now… may have to re- ask…or it could just be the UK scared to try new things… cheers and I'm only 21 so no babies for a while anyway but I like to know my options and keep them open…:) xx

  • Sizzle

    Uh…I think most people know what necrophilia is. Gross.

    • diamante

      Yes, it's common term. At least almost everyone I know know what that is.

      #11 so awful…😦

  • Lisa

    #8…even away from home??? Man, people are weird.

    • ChelseaRules

      I've actually read about this and it said that it's better for your colon or something to squat to poop.

      But still… I'm no perching pooper.

  • Shewentwhoa

    #3 made me tear up. That's my worst fear that I have when my husband deploys.

  • Kate

    #5 you're gross…and lots of people know what necrophilia is.

  • ash

    #1 I live in fear that my boyfriend will get deployed. I'd wait forever for him though.

  • Angela

    #5 That is fucking disgusting.

    Berry why you post this? Not normal.

    • 200amputate


  • lostvoyagerncc74656

    #11 Stay strong, i feel your pain. Litterally.

    • ChelseaRules

      Well, not literally. Literally would mean that you were actually touching her and feeling pain coming from her.
      Unless you're her husband. Then yeah, that would be literally.

      If you also have vaginismus then you should use the term "I'm in the same boat," or something.

  • ChelseaRules

    #4 My aunt did this to me one time. She said we were eating chicken but then right after I finished she told me it was pork. I puked all over her dining table and felt no remorse.

  • Claire

    #7 is my secret from the Post Secret App! Psyched it made the berry!

  • EMD

    #2 ….that's how I feel all the time…

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