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  • Toria

    This comment says it all :P

  • lostvoyagerncc74656

    #38 your friend is very very very wrong!

  • KylaKay

    #42 Forget Denver go ahead and come on out to Breckenridge SO much better. There are also some really sexy chivettes out here too.

    • Emma R.

      heeyyy some of us live in denver thank you very much.

      • KylaKay

        touche, Im actually from texas but ive relocated here. Love snowboarding so much

  • Adellek

    I were playing Taboo… the word was "drunk". I said: "what mom is when I've had too much wine!" Her reply: "FUN!!"

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #55 roid munching freaks

  • angel9

    Hello #38, please send MOAR pictures! You are definitely a sexy man, the tats, beard and burly hair are nothing to hide behind!!! I'm not sure if you're familiar with the show Sons of Anarchy, but you make me think of Opie (the guy with the long hair and the BOSS beard!) Show your "friend" the comments and tell them to shut the f up!!!

  • Erika

    #27 What's wrog with axe body spray?

  • l0vebug76

    #33 beautiful

  • BounceAround

    #27…. calf implants? Really? Why?
    And I would so put a set of balls on my trailer hitch if I had myself a pickup.

  • leigh

    #2 keep up the hard work ;)

    #3 Thank you thank you thank you WAMH! <3

    #53 shes a b!tch~ KCCO!

    #54 Where?? must travel

  • Nazia

    #19 is sad. The tiger should be with his parents not being used and abused for cheap commercial gain.

  • Taija


  • flibble

    #38 you gots love from me and we need more like you!!!

  • Optimus_prime

    #53 Yum. If you're ever in Philly :D

  • EMMA

    35 < 38

  • EMMA

    what i mean is…


  • kailyn

    Prrrrrr #38

  • Peeds

    We clearly need MOAR of #38! He is a total hottie!!! I think I'm in love <3 <3 <3
    #53 has a great smile and you are probably better off without someone like her anyway. She is clearly not worth your time. Thank you for your sacrifices and for keeping us safe, kisses!

  • Mdot

    #38. love a man with a beard.

  • @krisgiss

    #53 Your gf was obviously an idiot. Hottie! Just look at that smile! #38 Your friend was wrong. You look like an awesome guy. Love the crazy hair!

  • tabitha

    #38 your friend is definetely wrong, i would love to show you how wrong.

  • elise

    #38 so delicious. I want to dig my fingers into your sexy beard. you can eat crackers in my bed ANYTIME

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