• SadeShadz

    I love #2 and #8:)

    • talimorrigan

      Ohhh me too, but my top favorite is #2:)

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  • Liz t

    #26 where can I can the whole outfit??:)

    • talimorrigan

      I also want to know that!

  • leigh

    #1 where can you buy this!
    #7 #10 #15 ❤

    • Kelsey

      yes!! I need to know where #1 and #2 can be bought:)

  • katastrophe89

    #5 #9 love

  • Melania

    Lorraine Bocking – The bride is beautiful; the groom hamosdne. A great variety of pictures that show us fun, sophistication, ‘coolness’ and even a bit of seriousness. Great photography job!August 10, 2010 4:58 am

  • Mitsaki

    Does anyone know what designer is #5? (((desparate)))

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