• lekjviger

    #23 me too:)

  • Mel

    i love #12 absolutely beautiful ring, wishing i had one
    also like #19 but its on the wrong finger and wrong hand? still a stunning engagement ring

    • Steph

      I noticed that about #19 too. I wonder why?

  • Hana

    Omg #12 is me!

    • Mel

      Hana i love your ring, where did you get it, i really want one!

      • Hana

        Thanks! If you're in Australia, I got it from Angus and Coote. Other wise you might be able to find something similar in other fine jewellery stores.

        • Mel

          I live in NZ but im sure i can track one down, can i ask how much it was… round about if that easier. Thanks Hana your amazing

          • Hana

            Sure. It was a little dear, more than I've ever paid for jewellery for myself before, which is why I said I 'treated' myself. It was around $400 originally but I bought it for $200 with the stocktake sales they're having right now.

  • B.elle

    #15 – I do the same thing! I love your crafting!!😀

    • Aileen

      Thanks it was my first time making a necklace like that.

  • http://www.findmyparade.com PoolaC

    Who is #1 ? I want to check out her blog!

  • LovetheBERRY

    #7 ❤
    Is gorgeous
    #18 #19

  • katastrophe89

    #15 you are very talented!

    #20 love

  • Optimus_prime

    #7 is absolutely gorgeous. I'd say he's a keeper

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