• lekjviger

    This is the first time I opened this post because I don't need to lose weight. Well, I'm pretty thin, but I don't feel very well in my body. Could any of you suggest exercises that tone my body without losing more weight? I don't like DVDs, I get bored of them very easily because they become monotone… Thank you:)

    • maialii

      One site, lots and lots of workouts: http://www.bodyrock.tv
      Choose the latest workout or any from the hundreds on the site, you're going to love it! Modify the exercises to your fitness level and the amount of equipment you have. The older workouts use less equipment.
      Oh, and also Zuzana Light (look up on facebook and youtube). Her weekly workouts are awesome!

      • lekjviger

        Wow thank you! This site seems to be very helpful

    • lekjviger

      Why did I get thumbs down? Is it that bad that I want to feel good in my body?

      • Shannon

        meh, don't worry about it- haters gonna hate.

      • Pat

        Probably because your original post demonstrates your misunderstanding of "Daily Motivation." It is not solely about motivation to lose weight. I don't think anyone is hating because you are thin. But being healthy usually means physically fit (not synonymous with being skinny) and mentally well.

        • lekjviger

          But I am sure there are people that are on diet and want to lose weight and 'daily motivaiton' is for them as well. Plus, I asked for help to find excersises because I want to be FIT.

    • Beth

      CrossFit has worked for me. Maybe there is a gym in your area? Been going for 6 months. I've always maintained a healthy weight. But the results I've seen in muscle toning and strength building have been phenomenal. I've never been happier in my own body than I am now. And the people are cool as shit too. Lot of hard working positive people who will help you out and encourage you to keep on.

      • lekjviger

        I was thinking about joining a gym but I can't afford it at the moment😦 But I'm glad you are happy in your body, you must be very confident and that's important.:) And thank you for the answer!

  • Soda Pop

    #3….muscle weighs more then fat num nuts…..but you look good in both pics, so see, I can be nice….

    • Soda Pop

      Also, you must be tall, because you definitely look like you weigh less then that from those pics….

      • Pat

        Also… A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle. So I wouldn't be calling others names…

        • Stephanie

          No it doesn't, where are you getting your informatino from?

          • justme

            a pound of anything weighs the same as a pound of anything else. a pound is a pound.
            now maybe what you are thinking of is an inch of muscle weighs more than an inch of fat.

          • TC

            One pound is one pound. Mass and weight are different. Check your info first…

    • Pat

      Same here – doing Ripped in 30. The scale does not measure fitness.

    • mel

      Calling someone num nuts isnt very nice…

    • Beast Mode

      Same as the others have said, a pound is a pound. People confuse the fact that muscle is more dense than fat. She could have weighed more because she was slightly swollen from a workout or water retention. Slight weight fluctuation is perfectly natural. Try weighing yourself first thing in the morning at the same time every day and you'll see less of a difference.

      • anonymous

        muscle weighs more than fat is what i think she meant. and soda pop, you are always a dick. go away from our girl website!

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #8 – Peanuts heavy posts today. I'm diggin' it!

  • caroline

    #3… going to buy that dvd tonight!

    • Christina

      That DVD got me Mexico ready in less than 6 weeks. So awesome but HARD, you really have to be motivated to do it everyday._

      • Hollywood22

        Are you familiar with P90x? Is it comparable to that? I may have to add this to the arsenal…

    • ale

      7 days? imagine when the workout is over… is really impressive.

  • Nicole

    #3 – Awesome job! Keep up the good work:)

    • krisbenson

      Wow, That's definitively inspiring:) ordering the DVD now.:)

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #3 That's awesome! (Though in my opinion you already looked great in the first photo!:) )

    • Jess

      You just lifted your arms up. Anyone looks better stretched out. Stick your gut out and hunch forward your gonna look worse then you are ……

      • Yeah.

        That's exactly what I was thinking.

  • justlilolme

    #3 Jillian Michaels is awesome. She's not annoying, and her dvds are straight to the point. this is coming from someone who has tried and quit every workout video(due to boredom) out there You don't get bored. Jillian is not a perky cheerleader who wastes your time. She's your sidekick motivator. She means business. And you will thank the heavens you listened to her and stuck it out. She's no joke about changing your body. Love her

  • Tanner

    And this post has motivated me to log out and do day 13 of the 30 day shred! Thanks Berry for helping me get up from the chair everyday!!!!!

  • SadeShadz

    #3 Wow!!

  • mimi

    #12 Berry I have been eating healthy for barely two days and I feel better already. Now if I go shopping and want junk I only buy mini snack size portions. Baby steps:)

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #3 I have this DVD! Why haven't I even opened it yet? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME BERRY!?????

  • jamin

    #3 The only diff here is due to the position of her arms above her head- this extends the stomach and notice big difference in breasts also. Only starving yourself will change your image in 7 days- you will only get results in 30+ days with work outs/eating right. Sorry to be the downer here….but Im a trainer!

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