• SadeShadz

    #2 is awaiting surprise butt sex.

    • 200amputate


  • Oltimey

    #1 photo from the early testing of TWISTER, soon after this photo they added a mat to stand on.

  • Beena

    Aww they all look about as awkward as kristen stewart trying to smile

  • Austriangirl

    #14 not as bad as the other ones or?

  • dkellyb

    #8 and #10 I've always wondered who decided this was a flattering pose for models…

    • B.elle

      Me too… I don't see how that's supposed to look good AT ALL.

      • Ije

        OMG yes, i totally agree, it doesn't look good. You know what, it probably came from models who hadn't eaten for so long that their bodies just started to cave in.

        • daisybear24

          that. was. briliiant.

    • Dana Littlerose

      Oh well, any pose can work if the model gets into it. I've seen these poses work, but only rarely. Unfortunately then some people are all like "omg that looks awesome" and the results end up here.

    • Emily

      Used to model and questioned it at the time. My agent at elite said its because it makes you look thinner, accentuating the collarbone and ribs.

  • pippin

    #13 she's trying to be a cutesy japanese model.

  • Magenta

    #11 can't even understand this one, didn't realise legs could do these kinds of things

  • haeddre

    Thinking most of these are Mail Order Brides…

  • Sasha

    Pretty sure #11 is the most awkward yet. Yikes!

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    Half of them look like they need a pee. lol

  • Kimmy

    #13 Looks constipated…

  • Jenni

    I used to model and they used to say the more awkward you feel the more pretty you look. that is not always the case. lol

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