BERRY hot men: Country hotties (28 photos)


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  • mrsdavis11

    #24 is so fine and has a great voice too!

  • Sarah

    #3 – I'm loving the smile!!
    #20 – Oh my God.

  • anonymous

    i went to the PBR once and then afterwards we sat in the VIP section with the bull riders and then went back to their hotel suite while they drank jack and played on their guitars. it was awesome. they hired a band to travel with them and i screwed one of the band members.

    cool story, i know.

  • Lola

    #3…muy, muy sexy <3

  • txgal24

    Oh lordie although most of these men are very attractive a true country boy would never pose in some of these photos. And good Lord I love Luke Bryan

  • D.J.

    Many beautiful cowboys but #5 can ride me anytime.

  • rocklesson86

    Not my cup of tea, but each to their own.

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