• tomato

    I love watching House Hunters International to get a taste of these amazing places.

  • Lisa H.

    #8 is Santorini in Greece, right? Dream vacation/honeymoon/wedding/second home/whatever I can get for me right there, haha.

  • TommyB

    It's sad we just don't have shit like this in the US.

  • Laura

    I wish these had captions! I recognize a few I've visited which makes me super proud, but I'd love to know the others for future dream travels.

  • talimorrigan

    #12 I miss snow! I love snow and cold… someone get me out of where im currently living now…*cries*

  • Lauren

    I would really really love it if there was some captions to go along with the pictures! Dome of these places can be recognized easily, but not all of them! How do I add them to my "I want to go there" list otherwise? Lol! Love theBerry, I just want captions!

    • kapandinha

      Me too!!

  • Lauren

    Anyone know where #7 is?

  • nayala

    #27 looks like a scene from harry potter lol

    • nayala

      i mean #28…woops.

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