Afternoon eye candy: Ian Somerhalder (26 photos)

You voted, Ian won!

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  • BrandiNY

    Dear Berry, I have loved you since the first day I discovered you and did not think that I could love you anymore that is UNTIL TODAY!!! Thank you soooo much.

  • Alexis

    Ian somerhalder he is so sexy and he has gorgeous eyes i wood wake up to him very morning

  • Chella

    Yummy… need to wipe my mouth after looking at this

  • Charlotte

    Yum… When I saw you made him the eye candy of the day I kinda ditched what I was doing, hahahha. YUM!! (again, I know!

  • Ashley

    oH MY GoD i am freaking out, this is unhealthy. Is he a real human oh my god this dude is walking around somewhere?! oH MY GODDDDDd

  • rocklesson86

    He can bit me any day of the week. Preferably with clothes off.

  • Tina


    Yeah, I just slid out of my chair.

  • guest

    The most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life…oh lord have mercy on my body damn…..

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