• projectskinnyjeans2012

    Dear Berry. Please don't ever stop with these posts. I read them and try and comment on them at least once a day. I'm going through a tough time right now and they really do keep me motivated and sane. Thank you.

  • bombtronbecky

    I lost 6lbs this week! I have a lot to go still, but I do look to my daily motivation, well, daily! I like the quotes, but I think maybe some before and after pictures would be fun. Also, more of those workout posts, like the Abs calendars, and the eat-this-not-that kinda posts. Those are helpful, and some currently live in a folder on my desktop for reference.:) Thanks, Berry!

    • RedSplash

      Yes I agree!! Before and after pictures are the most motivating for me! More would be great, Berry:)

  • MissChris

    #9 That is a beautiful picture! I'm always in awe of dancers.

  • Kara

    I've loved this post ever since it started. I can honestly say that when I look at it in the morning that it gets my mind in the right attitude and starts my day off right.

  • Emily

    Love love LOVE the daily motivation posts! But would it be possible to get more before and afters of us berries? Makes it seem more possible seeing others are struggling and pull through, too!

  • Chivettest

    I look forward to this post everyday. Things have been a little rough for me lately and starting my day off reading this post helps me stay positive and not dwell in my negativity. Thanks Berry!

  • doerte

    Not saying before/after pictures are a bad idea, but I think the idea behind these posts is not just losing weight, but mostly working out and eating right to be healthy.
    I'm naturally very skinny, so I've never had to think about losing weight, but these posts motivate me to actually think about what I eat and to keep running as often as I can, just to be healthier. Before/after pictures of me wouldn't be as impressive as pictures of someone who lost a lot of weight though.

    • Chivettest

      I agree with you. I've always been very skinny and these posts also motivate me in a different way then just weight loss, the pictures are cool to see but the daily motivation just reminds me to be aware of my health, stay positive and keep reaching for the stars.

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