• Kara_Clark

    #16 Cappie!?! Where have you been? Please be in another show, so we can all look at your cute face again!

  • Camryn

    #16 MADE MY DAY

  • Kate

    #17 is a personal friend and it made this rainy day SO much better that you threw him into the mix!!!! LOVE J!!! Most awesome guy ever!!

  • random_username

    #4 …and lovingly watch as you give in to your slow and inevitable death by suffocation. WTF why a jar. I'm sure that if I got a card like this, the minute I raised my eyes from it I'd see a creepy maniac grin on the face of the person who gave it to me. Their gaze would promise me an eternal life on their shelf, night next to the other hundreds of pickled people.

  • katastrophe89

    #25 i used to have these!!! they were awesome lol

    and #31 so sick

  • Kaitlyn

    #16.. loved him in Greek!

  • Miranda

    Berry, I love you. Thank you for posting an ACTUAL HMOTB this go round…. #39 is yummy, please hold all future submissions to This standard (if not, then slightly close). Too many turds have washed up lately. If theChive can be super picky about their fleshes, then so can we😉

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