• Arwen

    Most of these are a little preppy for my taste, but love #8 #9 #26 #30

  • mel

    I'm pretty sure any guy could pull off an outfit like #15

  • anidot90

    #21 yay Tom Felton

  • Nat

    #27 #28 love!

  • Mia


  • tomato

    #30 FIND HIM


    I said to myself "wow she did a great job this week," then I saw #16.

    • shralp

      I was going to say…that's definitely more of a picture of "What I wish my boyfriend looked like," not what he would wear. Put a skinny nerd guy in a diesel shirt and see if that picture goes up.

  • LawKid

    Ummm… coming from a Husband who works full time while attending a prestigious law school in the south, if you are anywhere near a normal income, you and your boyfriend would each need a second and possibly third job to afford 2/3s of this stuff. This stuff is ultra pricey even in the outlets, if you can find it there. I mean, I don't think there was a single pair of shoes on that list that cost less than 400.00. And yes, especially with shoes, the price makes a difference.

    • rocklesson86

      I don't they are telling you to buy the exact same thing. I think they mean that you can try and find something similar to these clothing items.

  • Art

    #24 The successor to the KFC empire, perhaps?

  • DRD

    A couple consistent flaws: If you wear a sweater or vest, button it completely – don't have your tie poking out from under it. Don't wear pants that are too short.

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