• arcelia

    lmao…very funny "notes"

  • Sue

    #8 that's actually kind of sad and only makes things worse, if they don't like her why pretend to want to go out together?

    • Evil Xena

      Caley should've kept quiet – she had the perfect alibi for all kinds of mischief.

      1) discreetly take key and clothes with you to shower – store with a real friend, whatever
      2) upon discovering that you've been locked out again . . .
      3) get dressed, use key,
      4) take something of value to one roommate, hide it in the stuff belong to the other or similar mischief
      5) return to shower, change back into robe, make big scene about being locked out and having to wait for "hours and hours"

      When roommates start question missing items, notice mischief – "don't look at me, I was locked out all afternoon" . . .

  • B. Davs

    #3… I like that they used the word 'vagrants' but then spelled 'lizards' and 'opossums' wrong, I never take bad spellers seriously.

    • Jessieboo

      Spelling lizards wrong is just insane, but spelling opossums as "possums" isn't completely incorrect. Some people say it w/out the o.

  • Bree

    What a bunch of douches.

  • BeeAre

    My co-workers and I were just talking about this…
    Some of our signs are ridiculous…. But we also have a couple of coffee creamer thieves.

  • bryan

    writing a note that CLEARLY states your complaint/request is not Passive/Agressive

  • kristin

    #9 "PS on back"… Where's the back?…

  • Claire

    #7 Girls suck. Get some new friends and forget these people even exist on earth. IT WORKS.

    #8 MEAN, MEAN, MEAN.
    Grow the FUCK up and speak your mind instead of pulling vicious pranks. You will get no where in life acting like a child and treating people like shit. Actually, you will get somewhere, and it will probably be working at a coffee shop the rest of your miserable existence. PS: You're probably just jealous of #7:)

    • Tara

      Fucking bitches! I feel so bad for that girl.

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